Child on the plane: 7 successful solutions


It isn’t easy to travel with small children. They quickly get tired and don’t want to sit in one place for several hours in a row. Nevertheless, parents are able to make the flight less tedious for children and for themselves. They have to prepare the child for an amazing and almost fantastic trip, by choosing one of the radars on the flightradar and showing the entire route of the flight. It will promote the interest in child and create a positive attitude to the plane ride.

So here are some approved tips:

  1. If you are waiting for a flight lasting 3 hours or more, you can order a children’s menu. Almost all airlines offer this option. Besides the tasty food, the child will receive a bright box, which surely will become a toy. Don’t forget, the onboard meals must be ordered in advance.
  2. It isn’t necessary to take juices or coffee on the plane. The content of the plastic cup will, probably, be on your clothes. Prefer water during the flight, it is simply more useful for the body, and as a nice bonus – doesn’t leave stains and burns.
  3. The favorite child’s things can help him/her to fall asleep. It can be a toy or a pad. The older children can use a collar pillow that will support the neck and head in the correct position. If there are some free places next to you, don’t hesitate to put a baby on them. If the child can’t fall asleep during the flight, do a massage. Make him/her turn the back on you. Put your arms around his/her head and place your palms on the child’s forehead. Hold your hands like this for 30 seconds. After this, stroke the forehead towards the temples with “stretching” movements. Do these manipulations several times.
  4. Take the bracelets for motion sickness or special medicines. In such cases, it is better to give the child a slice of lemon or let him drink the water in small sips. Don’t forget about a hygienic bag or small towel, which should always be on hand.
  5. Take care of a child’s entertainment. Give him/her a pack of napkins and assign an important task – to wipe the folding table. Tie a few small toys with the one cord. This simple trick will allow you don’t waste time searching for a fallen toy. Give the child a soft constructor, clockwork toy, book with stickers, interactive game on your smartphone, or simply show a cartoon collection.
  6. Be sure to take a blanket that will protect the child from the cold air coming from the airplane’s air conditioning system.
  7. In order to adapt the child to the temperature conditions on board, put enough clothes on him/her so that they can be removed or put on as needed. The child’s legs may swell while flying at high altitude, so it’s better to take off his/her shoes on an airplane.


Pay attention that up to a year it makes sense to fly with a child only on very strict reasons. In other cases, this isn’t worth it. It is contraindicated for children to fly with flu and otitis. The pressure oscillations during take-off and landing can cause severe ear pain, and dry air in the cabin of the aircraft will irritate the respiratory system and may increase a cough. Small children aren’t recommended to change the climate sharply. The typical mistake of many parents is to fly to warm countries in winter. A temperature difference in just a few hours is a serious stress for the baby since at an early age the adaptation mechanisms of the body aren’t perfect. As a result, children often catch a cold and the rest turns into problems.


A serious preparation for a flight may become the positive start of a traveling or its continuation. Take mentioned boards into account and the journey won’t be spoiled. Remember, that children feel great about their parents’ mood, so secure a reliable rear and enjoy everything that happens.