Find out the best dive sites in Jamaica

Diving in Jamaica

Jamaica is the perfect travel destination for many adventures freaks and it is the largest island in the Caribbean. This place is famous for its blue mountain coffee and Jamaican rum.

Big and beautiful fish

As everyone knows Scuba diving in Jamaica is famous city attractions for vacationers and travelers. Plenty of dive sites are available in Jamaica such as:

  • The throne room
  • Kingfish point
  • Booby Cay Island
  • Shallow plane
  • Surprise reef
  • Chinese reef

Montego Bay, most famous dive site is windowmaker’s cave and you can do plenty of activities in this place such as parrot fish, barracuda and black coral.

Amazing guide to choose best dive site in Jamaica

The Fish pond is the perfect choice for training because
Flat reefthe majority of reef is flat and it contains patches of the colorful sponges, sand, goatfish, snapper and corals. Tug boat wreck was sunk in the year of 1993 and it is providing sealife along with the artificial reef. The best time to dive in the Jamaica is between June to September.

Suppose you are feeling adventurous then you are recommended to visit Port Royal near Kingston. But this dive is required special permission from local authorities.

Port Roal Diving

If you are planning to do scuba diving then you must choose the best equipment. Huge numbers of wreck diving equipments are there such as bail out systems, high performance regulators, knives, dive lights and other accessories.


A dive light is most important and recommended accessory for wreck diving. It will allow you to look back inside pockets under the wreck which will reveal true color of marine life on the deeper wrecks. It comes with different kinds of features such as:

  • rubber shroud
  • sinking light
  • locking switch
  • lanyard
  • and long burn time.

In a present world, most of the famous diving site in Jamaica could be found around Montego Bay and Negril. The throne room is a fantastic place for dives in Jamaica and it is located near Negril. Booby Cay Island is almost surrounded with the mooring buoys which are installed by Negril coral reef presentation.

If you are a beginner to dive in the new wreck then you must use marker buoy which is sufficient to identify the central portion of wreck. Once you surf in online then you can easily find out best dive sites in Jamaica.

Spanish Anchor in JamaicaThe Spanish anchor is located on west side of Marine Park but it is not enough for hard core diver.

Choose the best dive site in Jamaica

In fact, scuba diving is the form of underwater diving where diver used self contained underwater breathing equipment. Chub reef could be the best place for scuba diving and it is located 200m from holiday inn resort.

While you do wreck dive, you must use wreck reel which is mostly used for penetration dive inside caves or wrecks. It might be useful to explore the exposed portion of the wreck especially on site where wreck is broken up and visibility is poor. Try to choose the best dive sites so that you can enjoy scuba diving activity.