Things To Do In Jamaica Trip If You Are Travelling With Your Kids

Family with kids in Jamaica

Recently Jamaica has become a popular tourist destination because of its amazing scenic beauty. This island country is situated in the Carribean sea and this country is roughly about 10,000 square kilometers.

It’s a beautiful place for family vacation with children. Kids always want to become older and start feeling more responsible. Try to give them special luggage for kids It will help to learn how to deal with their stuff like clothes, toys, electronical gadgets etc. Every trip becomes more interesting for your children if they start feeling themselves adult. It is also an advantage for parents, their bags become not so heavy

If you are traveling to Jamaica with your kids, here is the list of things you can definitely try.

Try To Swim With Dolphins:

Kid on bagKids love dolphins and these smart animals love kids too. Dolphins are considered to be the smartest oceanic creatures and these lovely animals are well known for their friendly and human loving nature.

If your kids love these animals, you can take them to the dolphin cove in Ocho Rios city. There are many organizations, which organize dolphin shows with trained dolphins. There you can watch these animals to perform various tricks. You can also help the worker to feed these animals, though you need special permission from the local authorities.

If you and your kids know swimming, you can get into the swimming pool of the dolphins. Not only dolphins, but you can also have a close look at other exotic oceanic creatures like a sea lion, sharks, sea turtle, sea snakes and various species of colorful oceanic fish.

If you and your kids love hiking, then dolphin cove is the ideal place for hiking. You will be able to see different types of species and trees on your way. This hiking trip is for beginners, so you can easily bring your kids to the trip.

Enjoy Sunbath At Doctor’s Cave Beach:

Doctor’s Cave beach is one of the most popular beaches of Jamaica. This beach is situated at the Montego Bay. This beach is especially famous for its Turkish water and white sand. In the year 1920, famous osteopath Dr. Herbert Barker wrote an article about the amazing curative powers of the water of this beach.

Because of that article, this beach became famous among the tourists. The shallow water of this beach makes it an ideal place for younger kids. You can easily find hotels and restaurants near to the beach at a low price point.

Enjoy the sparkling water and take sunbath with your kids. You can also enjoy various types of water sports.

If your family loves adventure, then you can try jet ski and parasailing on the water.

Visit Dunn’s River Falls To Climb Waterfall:

This is for adventure lovers only and this place is for elder kids. If your kids are too young, then the best advice will be not to visit this place. Dunn’s river falls 180 feet tall, and you need a lot of courage to climb this waterfall.

The waterfall is made of natural limestone and there is only one of this type of waterfall in the Caribean sea. If you think you can’t climb the waterfall on your own, you can hire a guide for help. At the end of hiking, you will be able to enjoy the amazing bird’s eye view at the top of the waterfall. The scenic beauty of this waterfall is really amazing and you will definitely memorize this place for the lifetime.

Try Kid Friendly Watersports In Aquasol Park:

The aqua sole water park is a famous tourist spot of Jamaica. This place is situated close to the Doctor’s cave beach. You can enjoy various water sports in the Aqusole par. Starting from the jetski to the banana boat, almost all types of watersport is available here. This water park is fully protected and safe for kids, so you have no need to worry about their safety.

Go For Crocodile Safari:

The black river is the largest river of Jamaica. This river is famous among the tourists because of its rich biodiversity. You can hire boats and guides for the crocodile safari. Black River is full of crocodiles and various other wild animals. This crocodile safari will take the whole day, that is why tourists are advised not to take young children on the trip.

Go For A Rum Factory Tour:

The Appleton estate is famous for its rum factories. Here you can watch the making process of various world-famous rum. You can bring your kids to the rum factory visit, you have to prohibit them from the rum tasting session. The kids and adults can know the history of rum and the detailed process of making rum from this tour.

Go For Ice Cream Hunting In Kingstone:

Kingstone is famous for its exotic ice cream parlors. Even the national geographic channel have included the Jamaican icecream of Kingston at their top 10 list of ice cream in the world. You will get endless varieties of icecreams in Kingstone to choose from. adults can enjoy the rum or beer spiked ice creams also.

This list contains only a few activities in Jamaica, which you can enjoy with your kids. This island country has a lot more to offer to you and your family. Horseback riding on the beach, snorkeling in the ocean and endless activities can be done in Jamaica.