Surfboard helps you to fly

Man surfing

During weekends many try to pick up some of the entertaining game though which they can able to relax their mind as well as their body. The surfing is one among them and for enjoying this they make use of surfboard which would be light weight.

Surfs on the beach

But you must have some basic knowledge about surfing when you are trying for the first time and it is better for you to pick up the longboard which would be wide, stable and that would be wave catching board by using this board you can able to learn surfing within few days.

Is it necessary for you to pick up the surfboard based on your weight? Yes off course weight plays the major role in selecting your surfboard if you picked up correctly then sure you can able to enjoy your surfing in a safer manner.

  • When you are low weight then you can makeLittle girl on the surf

use of surfboard which is less than 200lbs and the smaller boards would be easier for you to paddle and for the turn.

  • If you are heavy then you can go with high range 200lbs+ then try to pick up with the strong and longer surfboard.


The thinks that you should take care to participate in active surfing

The surfing is the active sport that requires a lot of fitness that too with strong agile individual for playing this you must have some experience in playing your skateboarding, wakeboarding or snowboarding only then you would have got flexibility when you utilize them.

Know the difference between longboard and shortboard and then pick the best

Shortboard vs longboard? The longboard would tend to from 9ft to 12 ft
Girl with a longboard surfin length and they were round nosed and normally they used to have single fin. Shortboard would be 5ft6” to 7ft in length and it would contain the 3 fins. When comparing this two the shortboard would be easy to handle as well you can turn off quickly in the wave.

The traditional longboards are made up of with balsa wood and it would be weight and difficult for you to carry. Even you can get both the model board that is made up of with the light weight fiberglass.

Shortboard surf

The shortboard is laid on them and they are simple front crawl strokes that had been used for the paddle board. In longboard for surfing the same concept but in that you have to makes use of your both arms at same time to propel your board to move forward.



The style of surfing board would be different as well as its size would also vary based on the person who make use of it. Shortboard would be fast which would enable you to change different type of directions through that you can able to perform the multiple of tasks.

The longboard acts as like best friends for the person who start learning surfing through the surfboard. When you pick up the best once then sure you would get a good company from them.